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Zoning planning

As contractor working for cities, townships and investors we work on urban building tasks with various different targets and problems.

Our scope of duties comprises the entire spectrum of town planning and urban development, from design and master plans to free space planning.

One main focus of our work is the legal development planning. Apart from setting up the plan, a fundamental part of our performance is the support and execution of the planning procedure, handling citizen participation, acting as consultants to the political committees, and coordinating projects with the sponsors of public interests and the licensing authorities.

Performance profile

  • development planning
  • settlement planning
  • open-space planning
  • environmental impact testing
  • accompanying landscape conservation planning


  • project-related development plan for the shopping centre Kulmbacher Straße, Saalfeld with 2680 m² sales area
  • environmental report for shopping centre Kulmbacher Straße
  • project-related development plan - housing development "Am Mühlbach" township of Unterwellenborn
  • open-space planning residential area "Am Mühlgraben" township of Unterwellenborn

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Zoning planning

development planning, settlement planning, open-space planning, environmental impact testing, accompanying landscape conservation planning

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preliminary planning, preparation of construction drawings, general management, project monitoring, urban renewal planning, advisory opinions, general drainage planning

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design measurements, civil engineering surveying, as-build documentation, geo information systems

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Traffic planning, Traffic facilities,
Traffic organization, traffic signal systems

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