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Water resources planning and the public water supply are crucial components of environmental protection. They represent important responsibilities for the nation and townships - today as well as tomorrow.

Our guiding principle is sustainable water resource management under consideration of existing resources and available funds.

Our field of activity extends across the following performance range:

  • preliminary planning, design development and approval planning
  • preparation of construction drawings and invitation to tender
  • site management and general management of construction
  • project monitoring and documentation
  • urban renewal planning
  • general drainage planning
  • hydraulic network calculations
  • canal as-is reporting and evaluation
  • hydrological investigations
  • advisory opinions


To illustrate the broad range of assigned tasks we have handled, here an excerpt of our references:

  • Drainage
    • new construction of the sewage disposal in Ludwigstadt, parts of town Lauenhain and Steinbach a. d. Haide, with about 3.5 km main sewers and 5.5 km pressure supply lines including the pump mechanisms
    • Reconstruction and modernization of the sewage treatment plant Ludwigstadt

  • Water supply
    • Renovation of the drinking water supply in Lauenhain to a length of 1,350 m with concomitant house connections

  • Hydraulic engineering area
    • Water law procedures for the Neumühle in Dudenhofen (Speyer) with respective waterways expansion
    • Water law procedures of production site Heinz Holding (glassworks) in Piesau within the catchment area of the Leibis reservoir


Zoning planning

development planning, settlement planning, open-space planning, environmental impact testing, accompanying landscape conservation planning

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preliminary planning, preparation of construction drawings, general management, project monitoring, urban renewal planning, advisory opinions, general drainage planning

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design measurements, civil engineering surveying, as-build documentation, geo information systems

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Traffic planning, Traffic facilities,
Traffic organization, traffic signal systems

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