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General planning

Planning from one source

From the acquisition of land to the zoning planning, from the initial development up to turnkey high-rise construction, we take over the general planning performance of the entire range of civil engineering. We work with extremely reliable partners in architecture, static calculations, and technical equipment. Fundamentally, the client receives all the required planning and monitoring services for developing the real estate from one source.

Our motto is:

One Man - One Business

Our goal is an overall result of outstanding holistic quality with respect to costs, functionality, efficiency and sustainability.


Zoning planning

development planning, settlement planning, open-space planning, environmental impact testing, accompanying landscape conservation planning

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preliminary planning, preparation of construction drawings, general management, project monitoring, urban renewal planning, advisory opinions, general drainage planning

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design measurements, civil engineering surveying, as-build documentation, geo information systems

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Traffic planning, Traffic facilities,
Traffic organization, traffic signal systems

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